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Meet The Owner

Kyle Womeldorff

I’m originally from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and graduated from Boise State University, but got to Arizona as fast as I could! I’ve been in healthcare sales since 2014, with most of that time also being involved with real estate.​

This industry is important to me as I come from a family of medical professionals, but never had the courage to put the gloves on myself. What I found early on in my career was that I had this ability to use my business acumen to help the clinicians I admired run their operations efficiently. Most of my sales experience comes from working for companies that leveled the playing field for independent clinicians against large corporations, so have been in a consultative role advising on revenue generation and expense management since I moved to Arizona in 2017.​

Helping others succeed in their business was incredibly rewarding, but I always dreamed about taking the leap of entrepreneurship that those I was working with did. Fast forward to today and I run my own small business in the trenches right next to my clients.​

I personally enjoy anything outdoors including hiking, golfing, snowboarding, or hanging out with my mini aussie Copper. For the remainder of my time, you can typically find me lifting heavy weights or reading self development books to fine tune my skillsets.  

About Womel

WOMEL is a full service practice transition and commercial real estate company that specializes in dentistry. With years of healthcare sales experience working with independent clinicians and real estate, we combined our passions in order to help those that ultimately help their communities. We can assist with looking for your first practice, additional locations, or transitioning from your current along with any commercial real estate. Our goal is to streamline this process for dentists anywhere in the United States.